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Julie is humbled and honoured to have been afforded the opportunity to share her 'no holds barred' presentation 'What Does Bipolar Look Like?' in a variety of settings- from support groups and high schools to university classrooms and churches. Julie aims to share her bipolar journey in a fun and engaging way, using slides, props, book excerpts, video clips, and humour! It is her greatest hope that her voice will open minds, help others, and offer one living example of what bipolar looks like. 


"I finally have a clear grasp on what bipolar looks like, so thank you for that!"

"Thank you so much! My parent has bipolar and I believe I might. I've always been scared to even consider it. You've definitely changed my perspective."

"Thank you for helping me help someone else."

"Thank you so much! It was great to learn more so now I can put myself in other people's shoes!"

"Thank you so much for coming in tonight to speak to us! You completely reversed my opinion of what bipolar looks like (definitely influenced by stigma)!"

*references and presentation details available upon request.

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