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Tilda Whirl


Introducing the topsy-turvy tale of Tilda Whirl. Inspired by author Julie Kraft's own mental health journey with bipolar disorder, this book explores the many feelings and fears of a girl named Tilda. Throughout this tale, Tilda struggles with swirling 'tilt-a-whirl' emotions that she keeps bottled up and hidden behind a smile. It isn't until she decides to open up and share her feelings that she discovers she isn't alone, weird, or weak. It is Julie's greatest hope that Tilda's story will spark the most powerful of conversations- ones that make masks fall off and walls come down. Talking has the power to bring healing and offer hope. Everyone is like Tilda in some small way and her story lets us all know we're more than okay! Yes, we're all absolutely lovable just the way we are!

"Everybody has good days and bad,

 Everyone feels happy and sad.

 Moods go up, down, and every which way,

 It's part of life and it's more than okay!"

- Tilda Whirl

"This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It tells the story and struggles of a young girl living her life feeling different from others and not knowing why. Once she accepts who she is and opens up to others, Tilda grows in confidence & understanding and accepts that everyone is different and that is OK! It has such a great and positive message and a good reminder to kids and adults that we can all struggle or feel alone but there is always support if we need it.."


- Jen D.

"This book is a perfect resource for parents and teachers helping children understand that it's always okay to be true to who they are! This book offers countless opportunities for important discussions with children about feelings and emotions. This book is also an excellent resource to complement any social-emotional learning program. The hand painted illustrations are a true work of art in themselves! The story is well-written, engaging and perfect for children. Tilda has an important lesson to teach us all about being unique and honouring our range of emotions!"


- Jamie R.

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