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The Bipolar Side of Me - PART 2 - June 10th 2019

On this week’s INDOUBT podcast episode, Julie Kraft shares further about her personal journey surrounding mental health. Julie tells about what it meant for her to share her story publicly on social media. The stigma that surrounds bipolar disorder, and mental illness in general, forced her to keep her diagnosis in the shadows for so long, wondering what those around her would think and the judgement that would come with each person that she told. Julie encourages each of us to open up and let God use our story, even when it hurts because even when it doesn’t make sense, he still has control of our lives. 


The Bipolar Side of Me - PART 1- June 3rd 2019

On this week’s INDOUBT podcast episode, Julie Kraft shares about her personal journey surrounding mental health. Julie experienced the undoing of her life after so many years of trying to do it on her own, leading to a formal diagnosis of bipolar II disorder. She explains what it is, what it means for her and what her life looks like now versus then. Julie also offers advice on how we can be respectful in helping those who might be struggling with mental illness. She learned the name bipolar gave her a reason for certain behaviours and tendencies but, not an excuse. Julie is an example for us all on how we can learn how to live our lives to glorify God, bipolar II disorder or not. 

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Saying No and Setting Boundaries 

- November 12th 2018

The Wellness Crossing podcast hosted by Kami Lingren. "Julie and I are sharing some of our own real stories and experiences of growing in this area of our lives and I know you’re going to find something to chew on in this episode. Whether you’re needing a little nudge to set a boundary you’ve been hesitating on or just need the encouragement you’re not alone. ..." 

My Life with Bipolar II Disorder - May 25th 2018

Julie shares her unfiltered bipolar journey-  depression, marriage, parenting, hitting rock bottom, her diagnosis, stigma, and much more -with Psycom's Ann Matturro Gault.

The Bipolar Side of Me - PART 3 - June 24th 2019

Bipolar is the paint palette that Julie Kraft has been given, but her life is the canvas. So, whatever she does with that will be her gift back to God. These are just some words that she shares in this week’s episode. Julie Kraft joins us to tell of the transforming power of God that she has experienced in her life from before she was diagnosed to day one of her diagnosis and now, today. She joins us to discuss some helpful steps to those who are struggling, or who have just received a diagnosis that might seem life-ending. Julie encourages us to trust that God will use every single thing that we experience for his good.

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